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Rare Pepe Party is a Trading Card Game (TCG) in development with Role Playing Game (RPG) elements, inspired by Hearthstone and the Pokemon series.

Current share tier price: $-

Crowdfunding progress

We need your help bringing this game to reality! You can invest buying Counterparty tokens at the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and be part of history. All earnings from the game after release will be given out as dividends into the Counterparty platform.

Investing is easy, you can buy XCP at any of these exchanges:

Then you can send your XCP to your RarePepe Wallet and buy the card RAREPEPEPRTY for XCP clicking over it.

Read our business proposal here.

Read the booster pack sales model here.


We will also be selling RarePepe Avatars! These are procedurally generated, unique and non-fungible tokens that will be usable in-game. Assets come unlocked and you get full ownership, so if you find a cool avatar you can resell it to others.

Some screenshots

These screenshots are not representative of final product quality, they are just in-development sneak peeks!

Main menu

Deck builder

Luscious HAIRPEPE being played


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